Login via Social Media Right Under "Sign Up" Button?


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Hi all,

I use XF 1.5, my forum is http://www.kebunpedia.com

We are really satisfied with the way xenforo handles all the subject in building sustaining online community.

The recent problem I just noticed is very little conversion from guests to members. We have 30-40 guests online everytime we try to look, and new sign up rate is just around 3-7 sign ups per day :(

I have already installed quick reply add-on but it does not affect so much.

Then I found this in one Indonesian forum (image below).


I want to use that same coding to. It makes sense that it will boost our new registrations as in our country people might be not too familiar with forum model and we could do more if there is a explicit social login buttons right there under the sign up button.

My question is: Where do I need to edit (what part of the templates do I need to edit)? And what code should I apply to there?

Can someone post the 'how to' here please?

Thank you very much and wish you all best of luck.


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... [Facebook | Twitter | Google] Integration
Sorry that is not exactly that I mean. Thank you for the intention though..
Implementing the options doesn't add them to the sidebar.

I created a simple template mod add-on.

There you are. You again as the creator Brogan :D
Thank you BassMan. I have already read a lot of your posts. Really helpful.