XF 1.4 Tweak Sign Up button message and URL


I want to tweak sign up button by changing the following:

1. changing the URL of the button from /login/ to /register/. That way a register page actually comes up instead of the login bar.
2. I want to put a little message under the signup button telling users what they get for signing up.

It'd be great if you can help. Thanks!


Thanks, I was able to add a message into the Sign Up box.

About changing URL to /register/, and ignore the dropdown box, the code is confusing. It'd be great if you can help. Thanks!

<label<xen:if is="!@uix_loginModalBox"> for="LoginControl"</xen:if> id="SignupButton"><a href="{xen:link login}" class="inner<xen:if is="@uix_loginModalBox"> OverlayTrigger</xen:if>">{xen:if $xenOptions.registrationSetup.enabled, {xen:phrase sign_up_now}, {xen:phrase log_in}}</a></label>