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Sidebar Donations - Displays a donations block in your sidebar.


Displays a donations block in your sidebar.

(Example of Sidebar Doantions in sidebar)

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(Example of Group Permissions)

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  • Avatar links to member card.
  • Likes count links to overlay showing who did the Liking.
  • All phrases start with sidebardonations_ for your convenience.
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Just a suggestion for others. Once my users made the donation to Paypal, Paypal would auto return them to what the return URL is in my Paypal account profile.
For me, the return URL belonged to my ecommerce platform. Since my ecommerce platform didnt send them to Paypal initially, it had no idea what to do with the donation and just threw up an error message.

I wanted to override the return URL specified in Paypal, so I found that I could add this to the sidebardonations_message phrase.

<input type="hidden" name="return" value="">