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Hello xenforo team,
first of all many many thanks and congratulations for building a wonderful software.

After 4 years of break on running forums and website on phphh3 and myBB (quite big communities), I am back to start my new community from scratch.
(in these years , i had done my critical care medicine training and now head of critical care department).

I am about to buy this software and already tested the server requirements for this.

I need help on few questions .
Can i have the side menu on pages as its on xenforo website (screenshot attached). The reason i asked because i want some static pages of my critical care college on it.

and is there anyway to change the fonts of whole forum from a single place to verdana.


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Mr Lucky

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That is a special menu for a class of pages called help pages. It is accessed via the help link at the bottom of the forum.

I don't think it would work for pages that aren't considered "help"

Mr Lucky

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thanks lucky,
but can u tell me , is there a way to create HELP pages in xenforo by default or can we edit them from backhand.
if that's not possible , is there a addon for that ??

Yes, you can create various pages as help pages and they go into that menu. There is no rich text editor though, you need html to format.

You can also create any other static page, but there is no inbuilt menu as there is with the help pages. There are addons that will allow you to add navigation and subnavigation (Nodes as tabs is a good one)