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HI Ozzy,
I'm not sure I quite understand. I'm looking to move the options in left panel menu to my liking. Similar to being able to sort forums.

Will this add-on do this?

THank you!
The addon doesn’t do it, it just opens the options for you to be able to sort the menu to your liking.
This is awesome. Would be even more awesome if we could drop and drag things. Love it! Thank you so much. Now I have to retrain my brain to look for my options. LOL
I don't see it either, except for ordering the sections under Options, which isn't what you're talking about it, correct?
To be honest, I think the provided suggestion of how to do this is a bad idea in that these changes will be lost when you upgrade, so bear that in mind. Development is a very particular mode that lets you change things that we intentionally don't expose in "normal" operation.
Well it may expose some things that you shouldn't be editing unless you understand the significance. There are a number of things we don't expose specifically because they're part of the "master" XF data and thus your changes will be overwritten when you upgrade.

Beyond that, yes, there is information that debug mode may leak which can have security implications.
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