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Was hoping someone might be able to chime in on the difficulty of creating an importing project for the Showcase plugin... I'm getting very close to being ready to import all of my vb 3.8 data into XF. I currently have 40 or so user profile fields setup in vb tailored to vehicle details for our members, and many of our members have data in those fields. Those fields will become obsolete after the migration, as those fields will now be part of showcase items, not the user profile. I was originally going to (and still might) import all of those user profile fields over as user profile fields via Slavik's big board importer, and then ask the members to copy their profile field data into a showcase item manually. But I keep thinking of trying to automate this somehow... and if I'm going to do it, now would be the time.

Seems to me it would entail auto-generating a showcase item for each user (at least for the members who have data in their profile) and then importing their user profile fields into the showcase fields for the item. The potential downside to this would be having a bunch of showcase items with no photos. But I have an idea for that too - on our site we ask that our members use a photo of their car as their avatar, so maybe a cover image could be generated from their avatar.

What other issues should I consider? Any advice on how to achieve something like this? I'd be willing to pay someone to write some code, and I can do all the field mapping in the file and any of the non-coding part of the work. I'm sure a lot of members will jump in and create items, but man it would be nice to have a lot of the data in there already right when the site switches over.


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Have you contacted @Bob B about this?

You may have done, and he may be busy, but just in case... He may be able to help.
Thank you for the tag ;)

He asked me about it, but I am too busy at the moment to handle it, so I suggested he post in here in case another Developer is available and can handle it.