XF 1.5 Importer question for IP.Board 3.4.x


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IP.Board version 3 uses a "Display Name" and a "Log In Name." What people see on the forum is the display name so this is akin to the XF user name. BUT the importer imports the "Log In Name." What this does is create a user name members are not familiar with. It literally changes their "name" on the forum.

This is not a suggestion for XF to change this (though that would be ideal), this is to ask if there would be a problem in swapping those two table names before the import. Or would it be better to run a copy query to copy the names to the other table? Because the only way I am going to convert is if I can get the correct user names.


(I selected the 1.5 prefix, as, 1.5 is needed for the first step.)


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That does sound better!
The table name is members_display_name and what I believe the importer uses is name.
I'm not confident enough to try to edit any importer code without instruction, any help would be appreciated if anyone had the time.
I would assume all the other "checks" would still work for symbols, duplicates, etc.