Submit your site to the official customer showcase!

I said similar to that (but nothing about a directory, that was a separate comment)... and guess what exists as for a node?

The showcase in question is not a "directory listing"... but a set of sites that were (or will be) determined to show where XF excels. And as with any business... that decision on what showcases the best features of their product is determined by the business.. not a popularity contest.
For what you reference, there is a fantastic add-on by a excellent developer that is available.. but it goes against the nature of what the XF site itself is designed for.. to showcase the 1st party extensions and abilities.
Now, could XF benefit from a link directory add-on... sure... but I seriously doubt what they would create would exceed what is available... so why re-invent the wheel just to quieten a squeak?
I was extremely confused then, then realised your post was edited so didn't quite make sense after the fact. Anyways. I think you're missing the point. I understand its not a directory listing - if it was, then it wouldn't be in its current form, with a selection process for featured sites/communities... ?

Also quite aware that this is their site, their feature set and their decisions or choices to make. I however, as evidenced above - offered a suggestion that may alleviate the issues posted by some here. Guess what a forum is for? Discussion.

And there are a wealth of places where you can do that currently.
And I'm pretty sure I clearly stated that

XF doesn't have a tendency to overly extend themselves on stuff when their push is off onto 3rd party developers to create needed extensions... so it's highly unlikely they would
#1 - create such here just to quieten a few squeaky wheels
#2 - run a 3rd party add-on on the official site just to quieten a few squeaky wheels

They have created an ability based upon the 1st party offering for members to showcase their sites.
Okay? Thanks for clearly stating that.
Guess what a forum is for? Discussion.
And it's been clearly stated what the item in question ACTUALLY is... what what you (or others) would like it to be.
The problem was the wording in the email sent out indicated that sites were ALREADY listed... and they aren't.

Okay? Thanks for clearly stating that.
You welcome.. need anything else cleared up that you may be having issues with understanding?
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