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Shifting from VB 3.6 X to Xenforo


I want to shift from VB 3.6 To Xenforo, I want to know whether whether my URL structure of existing VBulletin will change or not.

I have nearing .2 Million article on our forums I hope nothing will go with the same. I am running my forums on sub domain that forums.example.com.

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The URL structure is different in xenforo, but there are url redirect scripts that you can use, therefore it should be fine. I moved from vb3.7 with no problems at all.

I don't understand the second question.


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Check my response above. Your URLs will change. All of them. But there are redirect scripts that will help you not to lose any visits from the old urls.

Adam Howard

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The structure will change no matter what forum software you migrate over to.

However, it is very easy to add re-write rules that will help you forward many of your old links from your old structure to the new structure that XenForo uses.