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Setup SEO Full Friendly URLs on nginx


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Well couldn't get it to work. So I went back to apache2.
It might be slow but it is a heck of a lot easier to get to do something for you :)


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FYI, somebody in this thread or another thread recommended using the "internal" directive to protect the /xf/data directory.

You don't want to do that if you have Jaxel's [8wayRun.com] XenUtiles installed, as it saves the sitemaps it generates in that directory, and nobody (including google/bing) would be able to find them.


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The "data" directory is directly referenced in image tags for avatars and attachment thumbnails. The internal_data directory, on the other hand, is only accessed by PHP.


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I have updated the 1st post with the config we are currently using. Thanks dotted and everyone else for your contributions.


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sorry but which config file have I to edit exactly? :unsure:

your domain config file ... it's under your /sites-available/ directory

It depends which distro you are using and if you compiled or yum/apt your nginx ... if you give me your distro , and how you installed nginx I can point you to the file directly