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XF 2.0 Settings default avatar (image)


Well-known member
I have disabled 'Enable dynamic default avatars' and want to use a default (image) avatar for a new user.

In which folder I must place the avatar picture.
And where are the settings to ensure that a new member gets this avatar.

Thank you :)


Active member

Go to style properties > Avatar
In there you can choose whether you need a text Avatar “?” Or an Image and you can set the default avatar image URL


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I have changed Default avatar type and Default avatar image URL in Style Properties. A new member now gets a default avatar.

Now there are existing members who already got this standard avatar.
But in AdminCP, I get to see this now:

Screenshot-2017-11-2 Edit user Marga Het énige échte Caviaforum - Admin control panel.png

How can I make sure that these members all get the default set avatar.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Since this is a style-specific setting, you won't see it in the ACP. Any user who doesn't have an avatar will get the avatar in the front end (provided they're viewing a style where the value has been changed).