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Current option:


  • Enable dynamic default avatars
If enabled, an avatar will be dynamically created for users without a custom avatar. This will include a letter and a color based on their username. If disabled, all users without an avatar will receive a default placeholder.
This is a global option effecting all user groups.

Proposed change:

  • Remove above option
  • Create a user profile preference option for the USER to chose if they see avatars at all, dynamic avatars, or placeholder image within their settings pane (.com/account/preferences). Default option inherits from group option (next bullet)
    • don't show avatars
    • show avatars/placeholder image
    • show avatars/dynamic avatars
  • Add a user group option for default avatar preference for each group (registered/moderators/etc)
    • don't show avatars (Default)
    • show avatars/placeholder image
    • show avatars/dynamic avatars

Guests can be configured to have NO avatars for search speed/compliance reasons (much like we can control signature display for guests vs other groups) and users get prettier things if they so choose to see them (progressive enhancement?) Contrast issues continue to exists with dynamic avatar generation. Accessibility scores suffer in this area and screen readers and those with colorblindness or other disabilities have challenges with viewing some dynamic avatars.
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