XF 1.3 Setting up Multilingual Forum

Hi everyone, we finally pulled the trigger and decided to use xenForo for one of our first game releases as a community forum. I think my first question after going over most of the forum info and manual is the best approach to set up a multilingual forum, since our game will be released in various languages. The current idea is that each Category has its list of forums (Announcements, Bugs, General etc) and each language would have their on category section with those similar forum titles of course in their own language.

The questions is, do I import the various language packs and how do I set up a category with its forums under them to be that language? Also what about the general use of the site, so if I'm German I want to make sure all the login and other forum items are in German for me. Also is their some sort of language selector and lastly is their a way to detect incoming keyboards and load the appropriate language?

Sorry a few questions in this post but all related about the multilingual forum.



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Members can select the language they wish to use via the link in the footer.

It isn't possible to force sections of the forum to use specific languages.

Not is it possible to auto detect and set the language.
hmm thats kinda sad.. I can add some some JS code to get the browser language, is their a hook I can call to switch the language if its dected via php or ?