XF 2.2 Setting up members only node - permissions not inheriting


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Yes, it's another one of those threads. Sorry - read through many threads and KBs, and I'm missing something.

I have about a dozen nodes that I want to set as private under a "members only" top-level node. Some screen shots below. I want all users to SEE these exist (To promote becoming a member), so not doing the private node check box.

I have ALL users setup as registered for the primary group. I have a members user group that I add as a secondary for users that are members.

In the registered user group, I have forum permissions set to YES for things like view threads by others, etc.

For the members group, these are all set to NO because that's the default and users should be getting the YES + NO = YES for their global permissions between these two user groups.

In the members top-level node permissions, I have all set to inherit, because again, members should already have YES for these rights from their user groups. Correct? YES + NO = YES.

But the nodes still show as private for users. I assumed the INHERIT in the node permissions inherit from the user group. Correct?

Below is the global permissions analyzer for my test account -

And this is the analyzer for node permissions for my test account -
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I'm all good. Finally realized that having a YES + NO does not ALWAYS equal yes. Since I had the default of NO on the members node permissions, this was screwing things up.