Setting up hCaptcha for Xenforo


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I'm trying to setup hCaptcha for my Xenforo install:

  • Went to
  • Signed up for an account
  • Got the Site Key & Secret Key (and entered them in the AdminCP).

Where I'm getting there something else I need to do to complete the setup to get hCaptcha to work?

I keep seeing things like adding a "Code Snippet" or "Drop-in snippet"...or some sort of html code that needs to be added somewhere.

Do I need to add this code...or will everything work fine with the hCaptcha Site Key & Secret Key I've already entered in the adminCP? If I do need to add some code somewhere...where do I add it?

Awesome...thank you very much.

Sometimes when visiting the various different captcha sites to get the site & secret keys...many of them mention the adding code part...and it's very confusing.

Do we even need these keys?

For example...if someone wanted to switch from textCAPTCHA to reCAPTCHA v2...or change from reCAPTCHA v2 to it as simple as selecting a different type of CAPTCHA in the XF adminCP and clicking the "Save" button. Or do we actually need the site & secret keys for each type of CAPTCHA before it will work properly?

Thanks again!:)
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