Setting Timeframe on Alerts in the Drop Down Box



Does anyone know how to adjust the time that checked alerts stay in the drop down box? Please see attached for drop down box example.

It's seems that after I check the alert, the alert message just hangs around in that box for hours. I want the alert message to be gone as soon as I check see if.

I can always go to "Show All" if I want to see it in the future. I don't need the alert message hanging around in the drop down.

Please advise. I want to set it to go away as soon as I check see it and close the drop down.

Thank You


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Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There's already an option to change this, though it might not work exactly how you want.

Search your Admin CP for the option: alertsPopupExpiryHours

The lowest value you can have is 1 hour.


Thank you, but ya. I really need it to go away in about 2 seconds after reading the alert.

Is there a entry that I can put in EXTRA.css that would make this happen? Or otherwise?