Server Question(Pings & Tracert)


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I don't really fully understand what pinging your server does but my current host(won't say their name) told me initially that us being based in US server that all US members should be below about 100...usually around 30-40 range. The site is hosted in Chicago.

I pinged my site and i was around 44ms...okay cool

So then he told me that Europe should see around 90-110 and asia around 120.

Well i had two different members(one in London and the other in the UK) do it.

The Uk member was seeing her names in the 170s range
The ireland member was seeing hers in the 190s range

Again I am not entirely sure WHAT pinging and tracert is and does but when i had them do the tracert command one member got a low of 2 and a high of 243(Ireland) and the UK Member a low of 30 and 154.

so is this good or bad for the UK?
I haven't had my Austrlian or NZ members try yet or my South american or Asian members.


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If they can hit the site and it's responsive for them, who cares what the latency is?

For gaming, low latency is good. For everything else, it's not really that important.

As an aside, turning off your server's ability to respond to ICMP traffic is a good thing. It's one less thing morons can use to slow your server down.


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The minimum ping time say from London to New York (round trip) is 56ms, noone in the UK will get anywhere near that as that is a theoretical minimum so your UK member who reckons they got a 30ms ping time to your US hosted server is wrong.

What is the IP of your server?