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Lack of interest Separate values for delete and edit for Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes):


Well-known member
I searched through the forum and did not find a similar request so I am guessing not many people have found the need.

I would like the ability to set different values to allow members to delete accidental/double posts for a few minutes without losing the ability to edit their older posts in long threads where the first post is edited with updated information on a regular basis.

Sure I can see why blocking the delete feature is not useful because users could still edit their posts and delete all data inside it. But I have never been able to be comfortable with the idea of letting users delete their older posts without me knowing about it.

Just my 2 cents! Thanks.


Well-known member
Tapatalk sometimes go crazy on poor internet networks resulting in double posts. The number of times this happens is not significant so I have been able to manage with them just fine all these years. Was just bummed to see the single field for delete/edit privileges :) Hence decided to post here for feedback. Thanks!