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If a site has sections in different languages, then tagging becomes an utter mess. There is one database of tags and since tags are predicted as you type the user will see all kinds of tags which they do not understand and will mistakenly click on.

For example a forum node with only English content, may get Russian, Spanish or even Chinese tags.
Which makes no sense for anyone.

We have 34K tags in multiple languages.

Then members will complain about the mass of misspelled tags, which are really tags in different languages. Romance languages and Germanic languages are similar, but differ in spelling which leads to similar tags that confuses members a lot. For example the word 'alphabet' is 'alfabet' in Dutch, 'alfabeto' in Spanish and so you end up with a mass of what members perceive as misspelling of most tags.
Members get so confused about tags, that they just stop using the function altogether.

Google ranking decreases, because pages have nonsensical tags, which mean nothing in the main site language nor the language used on the page the tag is on. For example an English page with a German tag on it.

It would be so much better if there would be one set of tags for each language used.
This would then only allow English tags to be used for a forum that is in the English language.

Similarly: a tag cloud with tags in different languages is best not to be used at all. It only leads to negative SEO and confused users. It would be optimal to be able to display a tag cloud in a specific language. This way a tag cloud in an English node will not display nonsensical tags.

I know that XenForo doesn't support languages, but issues like these are one of the main pain points with XenForo for me. I hope that XenForo will consider multi-language issues such as this.
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