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  1. mcatze

    [XenDACH] LimitLanguageUsage 1.0.0

    Based on the XenForo 1.x add-on for limiting language usage we made the XenForo 2 version. If you use a separate language pack, maybe for ACP only, and you like to hide it for visitors, you will be able to do this.. You may also choose to support the author directly with a voluntary...

    Language files compatability in xf2

    I have spend so much time translating XF1! Does the language files work in XF2?
  3. CMTV

    Additional language for [code=...] bbcode

    Since xenForo 2.0.1 release you can add additional language support on your forum. There was no way to do so before due to this bug. This method of adding additional language was proposed by @Chris D. In this example, I will be adding LaTeX support. 1. Downloading PrismJS components xenForo...
  4. CMTV

    Fixed Additional language for [code=...]

    I tried to follow an algorithm of adding custom language for bbcode proposed by @Chris D . It is not working. I tried to figure what is going wrong and here is what I found. I will use Scala language here as an example. The proposed method is working fine if we set "scala" directly in...
  5. M

    [xFv] Thread Title in First Post 1.0.6 - German translatios 1.0.6

    I have supplied the add-on with a German language translation. Ich habe das Add-On mit einer deutschen Übersetzung erweitert. Original Addon von [xFv] - [xFv] Thread Title in First Post 1.0.6
  6. M

    [xFv] Animated Online Markers 1.0.0 - German translatios 1.0.0

    I have supplied the add-on with a German language translation. Ich habe das Add-On mit einer deutschen Übersetzung erweitert. Original Addon von [xFv] - [xFv] Animated Online Markers 1.0.0
  7. bousaid

    XenForo 2.x Arabic Translation 2.0.2

    Arabic Language for XenForo 2.0 :) ملف اللغة العربية للنسخة 2.0 و سيكون محدث باستمرار ان شاء الله If you find any errors in spelling or translation, please do not hesitate to report it. Any help will be appreciated (y)
  8. murdercode

    Beta XenForo 2.x Italian Translation 2017-09-01

    An Italian translation made by XenForge™ for Inforge.net and Tom's Hardware Italia communities. Feel free to contribute under some rules (see CONTRIBUTOR.md in the repository). Any help will be appreciated :)
  9. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 Multi-Lingual Forum Possible?

    My forum is in English and I want to keep it this way. But I don't want to exclude non-English speakers from reading or joining the community. It would be nice if they could click their language and have the entire site, including threads and comments, be translated in their language. When they...
  10. diretur

    XF 1.5 Link to login / language

    Hi everybody, I have 3 languages in my forums. On my WP site I would like to redirect the users to the login window in their language Something like ../forum/login/language_id=2 What's the correct url? Thanks
  11. Fred.

    Use hreflang markup

    Google is now ignoring the HTML lang attribute and recommends us to use hreflang markup. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-ignores-the-html-lang-attribute-22974.html Xenforo does not use it at the moment, I think it would be good to have. It would also be nice if we could set different parts...
  12. VanillaNeko

    French Language Pack (By xenTrad.fr) FREE 1.5.14

    French Language Pack: by OlijO, Dadoo, Cédric Claerhout and VanillaNeko Creative Commons License <a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/"><img alt="Licence Creative Commons" style="border-width:0" src="https://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc/4.0/88x31.png"...
  13. beanfan78

    Languages and How To Handle Them

    My forum has been getting a lot of non-English attention lately and I love it. However, I have never got into the language aspect of the forum. I am unsure if I should install language packs or continue adding forums for different languages. How have you death with languages? I made a few (4)...
  14. otto

    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more - german translation 1.2.0

    German translation for "Alphabetical pagination for XF and more" addon. Deutsche Übersetzung für das "Alphabetical pagination for XF and more" Add-on. Support for these translation only here or by: Support für diese Übersetzung hier oder auf: XenForo Forum xen-hilfe.de - Die deutsche Support...
  15. MetalRush

    MG 1.1 Language issue

    I have installed Media today on our XenForo instance. Perhaps the followed order was not correct, because the language of Media is still in English, although I have installed another language on XenForo. How can I fix this? The followed installation order was: 1) XenForo 2) Language pack 3)...
  16. ibnesayeed

    User Selectable Languages

    Unlike Styles, Languages currently do not have a checkbox to enable or disable for user selection. Here are a few benefits of implementing this feature. Parity with with Styles as the two have many behavioral commonalities Allow gradual translation in new languages or different flavors/dialects...
  17. H

    XF 1.5 mixed up user-selected language in frontend

    we have an issue lately with posts and user-selected languages. Very rarely post-links (edit/delete/report/quote) have a different language then users default (or forum-default). This doesn't affect the whole page, just one post per page (at least we havn't spotted more so far). Screen: users...
  18. davs

    XF 1.5 Language question

    Do language add-ons typically translate member content like posts and messages? I assume that is impossible...I have installed a French language and set it up as its own, then as child to English...which is correct. It seems to be working except my nodes and descriptions. Is there a way for a...
  19. katsulynx

    Unmaintained [KL] Language Specific Forums 0.9.2

    [KL] Language Specific Forums Description With this addon you can improve your multilanguage board user experience. Filter your boards by language(s) to keep them tidy and clean and show specific forums only to users with specific languages. Features Select language(s) for categories, forums...
  20. Puntocom

    Official translations

    Hello, I want to suggest this for XenForo. Is it considered for middle or long term? I would gladly pay for an official translation. In my case, my forum is not fully translated and it looks not professional. Spanish translations are innacurate or incomplete. I can survive with this but it's a...