Lack of interest SEO improvement


Xenforo still retains the code style of vBulletin:
<span style="font-size: 26px">XenForo Resource Manager 2.0</span><br>
<span style="font-size: 22px">Multiple uploaded file support</span><br>
A single resource may now contain more than one uploaded file. If a resource contains more than one file, clicking download will bring up an overlay listing the available files:<br>
Search engines prefer semantic HTML code.
Please use the <h1><h2><h3> tag as the title, instead of "font-size". Use <p> instead of <br>.


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@laogui You do realize that's user controlled formatting, right? If you want, you can create custom BB codes for the heading tags and let your members use them whenever they wish. xF already uses <h1> for thread titles.