vBulletin 3.8 to XenForo 2 - did you see any SEO improvement?


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Hello all!
I'm planning to move my vB3.8 forum to xF2.1. This is a pretty sure action (it has not to do with the answers to this thread's question, so I just need real experiences). (y)

I have a question to members who had done the same.
Did you see any SEO improvement to your board? I mean: better place on Google results + more guests from Google? :)
I've made the switch recently from vB 3.8 to XF 2.1. It's too early for me to have any meaningful data on search engine positions/traffic.

But my userbase is happy with the change and the change allowed me to upgrade to much better hardware with the latest PHP etc. which was a concern.
Thanks cwe!
I think that my question is very interesting for anyone who wants to upgrade, even if there is no improvement on the google's visitors. Of course xF2 worths!
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