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Fixed Selecting thread prefix not working for Feeder in ACP

Jon W

Well-known member
The AJAX call for populating the thread prefixes when creating/editing a registered feed in the Admin CP does not work properly, making it so that no thread prefix is saved when creating a new registered feed or editing a registered feed if you change the forum.

Because the issue is with the AJAX called when the forum is changed, it is possible to set a thread prefix by editing an existing registered feed and then selecting a thread prefix from the pre-populated list of prefixes, since these are fetched in a different way.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Fixed now. This has actually (slightly) changed the output structure from the admin.php?forums/prefixes page which became inconsistent with the version that was used in the front-end (and the structure that the JS used across the board expected). That said, I don't think this should cause any huge issues.