Not planned Segregate Administrators and people having access to the ACP

Enguerran A

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There's a fundamental misunderstanding of how Administrator's work.

If you add someone as an Administrator they have no extra permissions, they are not listed as staff and they are not labelled as an Administrator. They are simply a normalx user who has access to log in to another part of the site. There is no "status".
I'm using Xenforo since 2013 and I didn't know that before. I think you should find an other way to manage real administrators and people having access to the ACP because I don't want everyone to appear in the administrator list. I just want to have Administrators in that list, real ones, with perms and status.


Enguerran A

Well-known member
Not just someone who can log into the ACP.

If I promote someone to connect to the ACP and only that (no other permissions) he's not an administrator, he's just a random guy having access to the ACP. I agree it's stupid but it's true ^^'

Chris D

XenForo developer
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I don't really see a reason to change this.

Administrators are and always will be administrators but it is the settings you choose, be that permissions (front end and back end), user groups, banners and titles, whether they are listed as staff or not, that define their appearance and abilities. I don't see why they would need to be listed separately. It's also, although valid, likely a rare approach to be taken to have an administrator who can't do anything at all (if they can't do anything, why are they even administrators?) so it really is something that I don't see us implementing.