Giving a User Rights (but Limited) to the ACP

Steve Freides

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I am the effective administrator of our XenForo forum, but not a "super admin" - there is a thing or two in the ACP I can't do, e.g., check the admin log. But that is the only thing I've ever noticed I can't do, and our developer is the super admin and also the person who gave me the necessary rights in the ACP.

Because we coordinate username and passwords between our XF forum and our WP web site, I am often asked to check on a particular username and password match - the email comes in and says, "So and so has two possible emails - can you please look both of them up and tell me which one is being used in XF?"

I'd like to give access to this information to the person who is asking me the question several times a week, and I have two questions:

1. Do I have enough rights to give the necessary rights to my customer service person?

2. If Yes, then what rights do I need to give?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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