secondary user group icons


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Do you know if there will be plans to have the ability to have multiple secondary user group icons show up with the avatar. If not that is ok. I think a modder can probably take care of that. Just curious if that would be included.


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I've seen several suggestions from you regarding secondary usergroups... could you provide a little more detail, and perhaps a use case or two so there is no confusion as to what you are suggesting?


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In the top image the icon that says +4 supporter. I like the way they displayed in SMF better than vB. In SMF it stacked them one after the other.
In the second picture this person has four supporter badges. He donated $20.00 to the forum and a few days later decided that was not enough so he bought a second badge for $15.00, later on he when for $10.00 and then for $5.00 to collect them all. The first had not expired yet.

The third image is from someone elses forum.

We also have secondary group icons for homecraftsman to sell the stuff they make as well as manufactuers.

This is all done through the secondary usergroup but we set it to display in text the highest level.

He have people with as many as 5 of these things.

Before we made the forum move we had times where more than 100 members had multiple icons and tons of them with one showing.

IPB has this capability as a mod via plug in in from their modding community but I have not seen how it displays.


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I think you could almost do that with a template edit. Probably needs a little help from us (to ensure you can check the groups they're in), but that's it...


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A template edit for the various secondary user groups? You are right, I would not begin to know how to do that one.:) I would need help with that. If need be I can pay someone to help with that.


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I had forgotten what it was called in vB.

It is done through the User Rank Manager. I am guessing something similar to the user rank manager will be in xenForo?