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XF 1.4 Searching within Threads

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by JJJ, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    One of the mostly asked questions by our users, after we've moved from vB to XF is, how to search within threads. Both, like searching for keywords or searching for users, that have posted in a certain thread.

    The only addon I've found for that purpose is this: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/search-this-thread-by-2dmods.956/. But it seems old and unmaintained.

    Is there a better way to search for keywords or users in a certain thread?
  2. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    You mean like this?


    It's default XenForo functionality.
  3. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    Ooops thank you :)

    Seems, with all that tweaking our design, we've lost a very important function. I'll find it.
  4. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    Do note that option only appears when you are in a thread.
  5. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    Yes, I already thought so.

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