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The tab is omitted intentionally. It can generally be used by selecting the nodes in question.


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HM, you mean forums?:p (at least the search form says FORUMS and not nodes)

And this brings me to a very important point:
The whole system is strange and sucks inconstant.
Sometimes it's called node, sometimes it's called forum, but it should be category/page or whatever the real nodetype is.
SPecially in frontend you call everything forum and in ACP it's called by the real name.. (that's to not confuse people, right? And calling pages "forums" doesn't confuse them?)

In xenforo a forum is a nodetype which can contain only threads and other childnodes
A page nodetype can container only oher nodetypes as child
an gallery album nodetype can contain only gallery images and child nodes types
Aren't nodes for this? So i'm coming to my next point => why arent the resource manager categories nodes, too? Now you've started to include a complete other category/node type, including different handling, permissions etc....
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