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I hope this is a simple question.

I created 2 pages and then a public navigation. I want the 2 pages to be under the navigation so that there is a dropdown menu so you can choose page 1 or page 2.

In the navigation, if choosing type as a node i can only select one page node.
If I choose it as basic, then what needs to be done to get the 2 page nodes under this navigation

Thank you
are you talking about them being like

page 1
-page 2

page 1
page 2

the site i am staff on did the latter some way using pages and the navigation menu


if this way when i get a chance i can take a look at what he did as i am still learning how to do stuff on my site and use his site to learn from

and i checked now because he has warned me if i use stuff he does to help over here he will remove my access to his control panel, so here is what i have from quickly looking at it and hopefully he does not find out

navigation page setup.webp

those are set as type node
and from playing with his navigation quickly you can do the
page 1
-page 2
type layout by putting the second page under the first page in the parent navigation entry
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1- Create new navigation menu at /admin.php?navigation/add
My custom navigation:
Parent navigation entry: empty
Type: Basic
Link: Empty
This is an unliked navigation and when the user click on it it will show the drop down with sub-navigations

2- Create new navigation menu at /admin.php?navigation/add
My custom sub-navigation:
Parent navigation entry: My custom navigation
Type: Node
Node: Select the page you want to be linked with this navigation entry
Then go to your page and select Navigation section: My custom sub-navigation
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