XF 1.5 Search Minimum Word Length = 2



I have set 'ft min word len' in MySQL configuration to '2' and restarted the Sql server. Then, I changed the value of 'Search Minimum Word Length' in AdminCP to '2'. However, still if entered a word of two letters, even of three, in the search tab, no results will appear. If i entered a four letters word (default) it will show some results.

Why did not it work with two or three letters?

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If you have a forum with over 500,000 posts I recommend you purchase and install the Enhanced Search add-on offered by XenForo.

You are right. I have a forum with over 1,400,000 posts.
I find that the the basic search system is quite fast. My forum is running on a VPS.
What is the impact of the Enhanced Search add-on? Will it improve the UX significantly?
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