XF 1.4 Search for a prefix across multiple subforums


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Is it possible to search for a prefix across multiple nodes? For example, if I had a "new" prefix in both the general discussion subforum and the off topic subforum, is there a single URL that would show me all threads with that prefix across both subforums? (or, alternatively, all subforums?)



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This is strange. When I tried searching for "*" on my own forum, I got an error: "The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common."

I'm not sure why it would work on XF.com, but not on my forum. I looked for an option to allow this, but couldn't find any. Thoughts?

Stuart Wright

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@Brogan I want to create a link which does a search for all threads with a particular prefix.
I used the advanced search with the wildcard and got this as the URL:
Now the 7712341 element is, I'm assuming, a session search?
So if I try and create a link using the above URL it will break when the session ends?
Is there a way to create a permanent link?