Lack of interest Search by tags in "Search Resources"


Is there any particular reason why the tag search is separate from the other search methods?

The "Search Tags" tab works fine, but it won't let you narrow the scope of the search and goes through the entire forum. I'm assuming the XF forums is using the Enhanced Search mod so it doesn't look like that gives you the ability to do that either.

Can this be adjusted with a setting or is it just not supported right now?


XenForo developer
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Tags are searchable as keywords (and generally considered to be part of the title). A design decision was made to not distinguish between keywords and tags when it comes to text-based searches on the basis that it's unlikely to give the average user what they want (there are no tags on this thread so there wouldn't be a way to find it).

Tags are indexed by ID though, so it likely could be added with custom development.