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I find it really frustrating finding a "Search Templates" function but not a "Search Admin Templates" function.

I can always find the things I need, but it takes me longer then if I'd just search for a phrase I see or just a piece of code.

If possible, please insert a Search Admin Templates function :)


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Ehh, not really - you still can't search the content of the admin templates.

Jake Bunce

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You can search the contents of this file:


That's what I do.


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Ah, slight misunderstanding there.

Although you can search admin templates, you can't search in admin templates.

Sadik B

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This is proving such a pain, if you have several addons and want to search in the Admin Templates of Xenforo + Addons...

Currently I have to open the admin_templates xml of xenforo or the install xml of addons and try and locate the admin template where the searched content exists. Would really appreciate if this is in the next XF update.

Chris D

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I know you can filter by title, but it would be quite useful if we could actually search the contents of the admin templates like we can for the "normal" templates.

Quite often I find myself doing direct SQL queries to find the name of an admin template based on the contents of the template itself. There are hundreds of admin templates... trying to find where exactly stuff is (maybe you just want to see if there's an available hook for example) is pretty cumbersome.

Ok, so amongst other functionality, I have implemented an Admin Template search in the above add-on.

It's certainly very useful for a number of people including add-on developers, translators etc.

So, for those who wanted it (including digitalpoint from another thread, quoted for the alert) use the above add-on. If it's never included in the core, well, at least we have this :)