XF 2.2 Scheduled Jobs Outstanding


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This alert frequently appears in the admin CP about jobs not being run correctly.

"There are scheduled jobs outstanding which have not run. Jobs may not be getting triggered when expected."

We're using server-based cron for running jobs. This is the command, running every minute:

php /xenforo/path/cmd.php xf:run-jobs --wait

The admin CP message does not appear all the time - it will disappear and reappear frequently so it seems like the job runner catches up from time to time, but then quickly falls behind again.
Here is a view of the xf_job table while the alert is active:


Obviously we have an addon here adding jobs to the queue, but the job feature itself is built-in and I don't have any visibility into what it's doing. Is there a way to see what jobs are outstanding and what is generating them? Why does the alert continue to appear when the server cron has no trouble running every minute like it should? The entries above never disappear from the xf_job table - is that the correct behavior?

I've looked at these related threads, but emptying the xf_job table seems like a bad idea.

This behavior seems like it might be a bug, but I have no way to confirm that for sure and I'm not sure where to investigate next.
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