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Lack of interest Save and approve button

Don't know how many people work like I do but I am constantly making changes or edits to posts, before approving them, and it would be so GREAT to be able to save and approve with 1 click. (Hey, add up all those click times, multiply by millions of users, you are actually talking about a measurable loss of human life here.)


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I don't really understand the suggestion.

To edit a post you click the 'Edit' link and then the [Save Changes] button.

It can't really be reduced to a single click.
Right now, if a post is in moderation, we have to click on "edit" to make any changes, then "save" and exit the post and then click and select "approve." That is a total of 3 clicks plus a trip though the drop-down menu. This could be reduced to only two clicks and no trip to the drop-down menu with an extra "save and approve" button. This is useful for admins and moderators like me who often do edits before approving posts.

I realize that we can make changes to a post within the moderation queue, click on approve and update multiple posts in the queue there with another click, but I typically find myself editing in the forum view because of the need to see the context of a post within a thread (in the case of a reply) or view its images, neither of which is possible in the moderation queue screen.
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