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Sadik B

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When creating addons, generally we have to create a LOT of phrases. I am in the habit of writing
{xen:phrase phrasename}
in my templates and then going to phrases and defining the phrases one by one.

Right now we have this on the Add New Phrase Screen


Unfortunately, when defining LOTS of new phrases, this means that I have to define a phrase, click on "Save Phrase", which brings me back to Phrases screen, then I have to again click on Add New Phrase and start the process all over again.

I suggest there should be a "Save And New" button on this screen.


So now, when defining multiple phrases I can just enter the fields for one phrase, then click "Save and New" which again opens a blank screen and I can start to fill it again. This should be immensely helpful to all developers in line with XenForo's policy of being developer friendly and might even persuade some developers not to hard code text and always use phrases.

Thank you.
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