Safari push notifications coming to macOS and iOS

There is a share icon at the top right of each post (next to the bookmark icon) which should open the native share controls on supported devices.
Is there a minimum requirement for the Android version to work with?

All I see is the the alert from my Firefox browser on my phone. I don't see the badge counter or a push notification.
Just so I'm clear what does everyone mean by badge?

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Should I open a bug report for Android since nobody is answering me?

Does this work for Android or not?
Should I open a bug report for Android since nobody is answering me?

Does this work for Android or not?

Have you tried it with other browsers... not all browsers support PWA equally, and I think you specifically mentioned FireFox, which dropped desktop support of PWA around 2021... so their mobile implementation may be lacking also.
So Firefox on Android does support PWA and notifications.

Not sure what device you use specifically @sbj but I just witnessed some fairly odd and inconsistent behaviour between testing on a physical Samsung S20 and a Google Pixel 7 Pro via Browserstack (a real device, but remotely accessed).

On the latter, I installed the app, I accepted notifications and observed that no notifications were being received. I then went back to Firefox itself (not the PWA) and there was a message on screen again asking me to allow notifications (something I had already done).

After that, notifications still weren't readily apparent, but it turns out they were actually being received but they were "Silent" so they were kinda hidden at the bottom of the list of notifications.

So it's likely they're just not "allowed" or otherwise hidden.

As for app badge updates, that isn't supported by Firefox on Android:

For all intents and purposes though, even if Firefox is your preferred browser, you might want to consider installing the PWA through Chrome. Still use Firefox for normal browsing but the PWA will use Chrome behind the scenes.
Any way to easily move the position of the new PWA back button higher up the screen? It is going behind sticky ad unit in the footer. Thanks :)
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