RSS Operators, how do they work?


RSS is seen by some as dated tech, but sometimes it can be really helpful.

When creating an RSS importer - that is when i want to grab content from somewhere - xenforo by default creates the baseline of the importer template seen below:


Article here...

This creates output in a pre-defined thread, and it works. There are, however a few problems. The {title} operator doesn´t always seems to work. And the {content} operator is different from the de-facto standard RSS operator content:encoded, witch doesn´t seems to work.

The {link} operator works, but it seems to be impossible to grab any other links than the "Article here..." link.

The RSS import creator dialog states that inside the "Message template" You may use BB code, but that doesnt seems to be working either, unless you add content yourself, and thats not really the idea.

Stuff i would like to be able to extract from feeds are:

pubDate, link*, image, guid, copyright, category, author, enclosure.

So, if anyone has had any luck playing around with RSS importers i´ll be glad to hear about it.
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