XF 1.3 Pages, how do they work?


Ok so as I am playing around with xF on my dev setup, I have come to the pages area of node tree and have played with it a bit, but still unsure how it is supposed to work. I did read the example here http://xenforo.com/community/pages/example-page/ along with the manual page (which really isn't helping me).

I guess what I am getting at is there a way to make creating the actual content of the page easier? As in, a WYSIWYG interface? Some of the people I will be convincing to use it will not have any HTML skill but they do understand all the BB stuff.


Liam W

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Nope, there is no BB Code editor for pages built in, however I'm almost certain that there is an addon that adds one.

I don't use it though, so I don't know where it is on the resource manager...



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The easiest way to add content to a page, if you don't understand HTML, is to create it in a post, then view the page source, copy and paste.