XF 2.2 cache tools - what do they do?


After doing a test import from vbulletin, I used batch update to move all users into the Registered usergroup and sort them into various secondary usergroups to do usergroup permissions the xenforo way. Then I set the 'display styling priority' for each usergroup and gave each usergroup a title to override the title ladder.

Unfortunately, at the end of this process, users ended up with the title corresponding to whatever secondary usergroup they had last been added to regardless of the 'display styling priority' number being smaller. So, users ended up with the wrong titles.

I'm guessing that I should have set the 'display styling priority' of each usergroup first prior to adding users to their various secondary usergroups.

Now these erroneous titles seemed to be cached. I first tried running "rebuild caches > rebuild user group promotions". That didn't help. I'm now running "rebuild caches > rebuild user caches" which seems to be fixing the titles albeit verrry slowly with so many users...

Question - I looked in the xenForo 2 Manual and didn't find any information about what the various cache tools do exactly. Is there any place that tells what each of the cache tools do? -Thanks.
P.S. "rebuild caches > rebuild user caches" is still running, which makes me wonder if there might be a faster/better way of updating user titles (?)...
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