RIP Steve Jobs

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I can't say what millions are thinking and writing as well, besides that I shed more than a tear for someone who I looked up to, respected in the technology world, and helped me improve my life with a way of thinking.


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Whether you loved or hated Apple products, there is no doubt his vision and drive have helped shape the current technology market as we know it.
Not just the current, I'd dare say the last 30 years of home computers wouldn't be what they are today without him, mac or pc.

He was a visionary who wanted things perfect and his way, as Kier said his drive was something to be admired.



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Seemed he was trying to work for Apple for as long as he possibly could. He will certainly be missed in various parts of the tech world.


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Im not a fan of apple products, However Steve Jobs was a upfront guy and drove for perfection. RIP you stayed with the company until the end.

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Just a short time ago those photos of him weighing almost nothing should have made me realize he really was dying.
But I somehow felt he'd rally back.
It does prove something I already know ... almost no one survives pancreatic cancer.

Rest in Peace
I'd say God Bless, but he was Buddhist. :)
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