Lack of interest Rich text editor for Notes in warnings (=> better migration from IPS)

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In our community, posts are quite big usually, often they're like the articles here in 'Have you seen'. We still use IPB and the reason is following.

We have a huge warning history. When we issue a warning, we include quotes, fragments of disputes between users, and our explanation: what items in the rules were violated, what decision was made and why, what sanctions were applied. We fill two notes for both the staff and the user.
Also there's a flow of staff. Every once in a while, our old moderators "retire", new moderators "take the office", but old users stay same, especially those with lots of warnings. So, we have a complete history of warnings, with sufficient details of what happened in the past. As a result, existing and future moderators know who is who among the users without the need to re-read posts by links or to ask each other.

In XF there is only a plain text 'Notes' field for this. That's not enough.


My suggestion is to add RTE functionality to the Notes field, so the staff could include everything they want for future use for themselves, as a reminder, or for other mods and admins. Additionally I hope it will help (with an appropriate importer script) to migrate warning history from IPS to XF, which is crucial for many communities including us.
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This is just one example of how far behind XenForo's warning system is. In my opinion, it's basically unusuable for a large community without add-ons such as multiple from Xon. Even vBulletin 4's warning system is better than XF 2's.