Rich Text Editor for Album Description


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Please change the Album Description field from a simple field to a field with a rich text editor (plus Attachment support).

Right now, the Album Description is a simple field with a maximum 65535 characters limit. But It happens that the album has a longer description and probably a few attachments.

As there is no Custom Album Field implemented, this change will be so useful.

Real use case as an example: we have a category that includes media files of the laws. Let's say "Criminal Procedure" album which includes 184 mp3 files (about those media items, almost everything is fine, as we can define custom media fields per category. The only issue is that we can't attach a non-media file to media description which I wish we could). But the issue is about the Album page. In that "Criminal Procedure" album, we want to write the whole text of that law as the album description, and that text is a lot longer than 65535 characters, plus, it also needs some editing like bold, italic, etc... (and finally, we need to attach some official letters and signed pdf files to it too). (but it's not possible for now)