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Recently this addon was completely funded by us and created by @Waindigo.

But before I start, let me begin by saying that we are extremely selective of the people we allow to create addons for us, because we typically have a larger motive for the addon, then we first let on, that is a part of the fun, that comes with dealing with me(If you go read the thread for the addon that I just linked above, you will see just a small fraction of how we are putting that addon to use, which we hope it impresses. A lot of our inspiration comes from various things others have said, and I highly thank @Shelley for being one of our muses many times)

Typically @Rigel Kentaurus, does all of our custom addon work(You can see one of the ones he has made for us and released publicly, in my signature called tabs). He is an amazing coder and puts up a lot with us, and for that we highly thank him, but when he told us that he unfortunately was going to be busy for a few months, we decided it was time to have more then one person to haras- hire for when ever we needed something.

We have searched and searched, and some people even offered to work for us. Ultimately we decided upon Waindigo after doing as much research as we could, to see the different prices that we can get and who was willing to do what and how.

Waindigo has some amazing reviews but then there was this:

That raised some major concerns and after doing more research, we decided to approach him and ask him what he can do for us. We decided to ultimately go with him and give him a chance dispite that, because ultimately he has way more good reviews then that.

And at the end of the day, I don't care if someone was Super Satan and made their addons out of babies. What mattered to me was, that he was well known, treated me nicely, and addressed any and all concerns I had.

So ultimately I give Waindigo 5/5 stars based on his interactions with us(not counting anything else, because we don't really care of any problems he has had with other people, or what he has done for them).

You can be expecting more work from us in the future and I highly recommend you to any one who needs to get something done and wishes to have great communication, proper support and transparency. Along with @Rigel Kentaurus of course.

-The Dark Wizard &

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The Dark Wizard

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Sometimes people are full of crap, do your own research because some people are not as evil as others make them out to be. All that matters is that you get treated with respect, your job is completed in an timely matter.

Waindigo does this and we recommend him to anyone. Even if some people make him out to be Super Satan and his addons are made out of babies.(We'd still do buisness with Super Satan, if he met the qualitfications, of respect, etc. Needed between Client and Coder).

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Thank you.

This is really great to hear that you were pleased and it is really appreciated.

You have done a fantastic job on your site using the add-on we developed, much more than I ever imagined.

It should also not be overlooked that you (and many others) have all been happy to give up their rights to ownership of the work they paid to be developed in order that we should be allowed to release them to the XenForo community. XenForo is a fantastic platform and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for everyone to do their bit to help XenForo to grow if we want to continue to benefit from its awesomeness.

We have probably made more than our fair share of mistakes since we started developing add-ons for XenForo 18 months ago, but we continue to try and do the right thing, and have always relied on the community to let us know when we make a mistake so that we can try and fix it.

No babies were harmed in the writing of this post.
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I've donated to the Waindigo cau$e before and the result is several free addons by Waindigo available to everyone. If you use those free addons and are benefitting from them then that should be your indication that he ain't all bad.


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I just want to know. How the heck do you say the name?

Wayne Dig Oh ?

Waaaa Indigo

Or some other variant ?


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I'm quite sure, but not yet confirmed there is a silent w, a, i, n,d & I and it's pronounced GO :LOL:
This just reminded my of Ron Burgundy's definition of San Diego. I will not post it here, but that's all I pictured. Ron Burgundy reading your post.


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I worked with Waindigo for most of his time with XF. In fact I introduced him to XF and recommended XF as a market for his talents. A whole series of addons came out of his work with me and I believ e he has been of enormous benefit to the XF community.
All developers have their strong and weak aspects and I think if there is to be a review on one it's best to assess both sides.

My experience was that providing the work holds creative interest Waindigo is really brilliant. He loves challenge, and comes up with genuinely ingenious solutions. Throw him a tough one and watch him fizz with it!
He is less interested in tidying up the details to complete the job. Unless it was a quick task, my addons generally trailed on much too long with bits not done, for weeks or months. Another more important client just had to have urgent attention and it took an awful lot of chasing and pushing to get things on the list done.

Waindigo did some really important work with me and sometimes it was a lot of fun especially early on when he needed the work from me. Where I personally found it not fun at all was shortcomings in communication and this became more of a problem as time went by.
My instructions were sometimes just ignored. The addon would turn out to be done the way Waindigo wanted it, but not the way I wanted it, even though I was paying.
I asked for guide notes on how to use an addon, but he hates writing them and won't do it. Instead I'd have to ask for help in bits and pieces over a period of weeks as I struggled to work it out. Replies were often unclear or irritable. It could take 4 or 5 repeat requests over 24 hours to get one point clear.
I suggested that client communication was almost as important as the actual coding. This was brushed off as ridiculous. This more than anything made me decide we were not a good team as it was just too big a difference.

In the end I found it too much hard work to get what I wanted. I didn't want to pay for an addon where I waited months for my booked slot, then it got part done but needed months more of pushing to get it somewhere near complete. Nor did I want to pay for something which wasn't done the way I wanted it. I wanted a set of instructions, so I didn't have to waste several hours struggling to find one control.
Ultimately no matter how good the code these other things added up as more important to me.

Based on the above you might find my preferences silly or irrelevant. But at least you can see enough to decide for yourself. It's important developer and client make a good match. I think Waindigo is a great coder but the issues Ive mentioned need very clear agreements made.
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