XF 1.3 revert user post edits


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at one forum we had a user go back and spite edit all their old posts, ruining the flow of conversation, is there a way to mass revert these edits? :)


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Find the user in the ACP. Then in the Actions dropdown, select Revert Message Edits.
There's a bug with this tool, I tried using it with a user that has 122 messages and here's what I see (hangs there indefinitely)...

Processing... _ Admin CP - TechSpot Forums - Google Chrome 2015-04-22 13.46.37.png


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FWIW, there was a bug with the printing of the status that I have fixed. I couldn't see any reason for things to loop infinitely though.
I assumed it was Xenforo because of the weird print indeed, but just recently we realized the source of bug was our file-based cache (we developed a bridge between Xenforo and our homegrown CMS). Thanks for your reply :)