XF 2.2 I accidentally selected Yes to all administrative options and wanted to know how I can change it back


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hello sorry to bother you,

I just purchased xenforo and resources app.

I was trying to see the different option in user group administrative and by accident i selected in the drop down YES to all settings..
so to my suprise that was a no no...

I am still getting use to and trying to read the manual for how settings work, but I wanted somehow? if there was a way to revert back to original settings in the user groups?

how can I do this or is there a file where I might be able to upload to charge these permission back the way they were when first installed ?

PS: This would be a great Idea (Feature Request) if it's not in ACP already : for a revert button to change the user group settings for each user group administrator moderator registered etc. to revert back to original settings as if you did a fresh install, this would help dummies like me alot :)

If anyone can help me get these setting back in order or tell me where to So i can do this would be Super Awesome and totally appreciated

Thank you so much



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There are no rules - it's entirely up to you how you set things up.
The 4 default user groups can even be renamed to what you wish.

However, in general, all members are in the Registered user group as the primary.

If you have paid subscriptions or restricted forums, etc. then you would typically have additional user groups for those and they would be added as secondary user groups.

The Administrative user group is added to Administrators as a secondary user group and should be configured with all of the front end permissions you want administrators to have.

Likewise for the Moderating user group.

Remember that permissions are cumulative - you only need to change the permissions which differ from the Registered user group.

Explicitly promoting accounts to administrator and moderator status is required to grant access to the ACP and staff bar on the front end.