1. spirogg

    XF 2.2 I accidentally selected Yes to all administrative options and wanted to know how I can change it back

    hello sorry to bother you, I just purchased xenforo and resources app. I was trying to see the different option in user group administrative and by accident i selected in the drop down YES to all settings.. so to my suprise that was a no no... I am still getting use to and trying to read...
  2. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Field edit history

    Similar to post edit history, I would like to suggest history for custom fields. In XF2 all profile fields are custom fields. Threads will have custom fields as well. There are various benefits for this: prevent data loss and destruction in case anything goes wrong easier to revert fields...
  3. G

    XF 1.5 Is there any way to revert to xF 1.5.1?

    I just upgraded to 1.5.2, and it might be causing some issues with my bridge to WP. Can I revert to 1.5.1? I have a backup, how would i change it back without messing up Databases or anything else?