user group permissions

  1. spirogg

    XF 2.2 I accidentally selected Yes to all administrative options and wanted to know how I can change it back

    hello sorry to bother you, I just purchased xenforo and resources app. I was trying to see the different option in user group administrative and by accident i selected in the drop down YES to all settings.. so to my suprise that was a no no... I am still getting use to and trying to read...
  2. criticalcomp

    XF 2.2 Displaying permitted User Groups in forum

    Is there are a way to display which User Groups have the permission to view the Forum inside the forum (for example in the forum description)? (see example below, red text)
  3. W

    XF 1.5 How to disable Discouraging global or manage rights for this feature

    Hello, is there any possibility for global disabling the discourage feature? For example a flag in the config.php? Currently we have set "Blank Page Chance" and so on to zero but a checkbox within the options for "User Discouragement and Discipline" for disabling this feature would be nice. An...