Retain List of Previous Email Addresses


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I agree with 'The Sandman', this would be a really great feature for reference purposes. I also think it would be a good idea to log the time of the change.

The Sandman

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What would you want to be able to do with this data? Is it just for reference purposes?
To help trace a member who registers and confirms with a valid email address, does something naughty, then changes to an invalid or blank email address making them harder to contact or trace. Also, to compare against new registrations to prevent the same person from re-registering using one of their previous email addresses. More or less the same reason as we retain the IP addresses that a member uses to register or post.


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Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out if it's a manual reference thing (like a general user history thing), or something that needs to be able to do something automatically.

[Edit: I just read this post back and I sound like an idiot. :) But you get the point.]

The Sandman

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I'd be happy with a manual reference (like looking up IP addresses), although it could also be used actively along with IP addresses and perhaps cookies in a "Who Might This User Be" type of modification which automatically flags new registrations which might be "old friends" returning with new names. This latter bit might be better off as an add-on though.