1. rolo

    XF 2.2 Where to edit email texts

    Hello, Where can I edit texts inside emails? (any board-related emails sent by XF) Thanks
  2. szymme

    Send email with time offset

    Hello, is there an add-on for sending emails later? I want to create some newsletter and send them on a certain date. With this add-on I could plan my month and can go on vacation or something :) Regards, Szymme
  3. X

    Unmaintained Deferred Alerts for XF1 1.0.0

    Designed for when large volumes of alerts and emails are send out on content updates. It uses the XF deferred system to push alert & email notifications into a new request. This can dramatically reduce memory usage and ensures the large volume of alerts & emails being sent to not impact the...
  4. JamieSinn

    XF 1.5 Unable to send mail (User confirmation, 2FA emails, etc)

    I'm constantly getting this error log: whenever users try to send mail. Currently the MTA is sendmail, but it also occurs with postfix. For a bit of...
  5. AppleAndMango

    XF 1.5 Purge email address from bounce log

    Hello. I need to remove an email address from my bounce log, the only way I can see doing this is emptying the "bounce log" table in my forums database is there a way to remove a specific address rather than emptying the whole table? Thanks. Edit: Haha, figured it out. Mods delete/close?
  6. bounty

    XF 1.5 Emails Don't send (google SMTP server)

    Hello, Using xenforo and trying to send emails from the site. Email Verification doesn't send or work and we get the error log for connection timed out to the gmail smtp server we are using. Pastebin Link with error code, will paste below also. Thanks for the help...
  7. Freelancer

    XF 1.5 Correct eMail and bounced eMail setup

    I tried to setup eMails to be handled with my eMail provider (which is also the hosting service of the website where XF resides on). Did fill in all data as it should be correct (with password authentication SSL and correct Port numbers) – however it produces server errors which show "can not...
  8. Mr Lucky

    XF 1.4 User left conversation, but still getting notifications

    I have a user who is complaining that although she has left a conversation, she is still getting email notifications regarding other participants' replies in the conversation. Surely this shouldn't happen? I can't find anything in preferences about this apart from: Receive email when a new...
  9. naia

    PGP Encrypted Emails

    With services like Facebook now offering the feature to display your public PGP key on your profile, and to have all emails sent to you by Facebook encrypted with this key (source), and with Xenforo being a forum built on security, and especially with the recent addition of two factor...
  10. The Sandman

    Retain List of Previous Email Addresses

    It could be useful to retain a list of a user's previous email addresses in the DB for use in cases of spamming and various other abuses.
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